Aquamist HFS3


Aquamist HFS3 System

Aquamist has been pioneering the IDC based water injection system since 2003 with great 
success. The system retrieves the fuel flow (IDC) and manifold pressure signals (MPS) from the 
engine management system as the prime source to control the flow of water. This enables 
perfect balance of water (or water/methanol) to fuel flow under all engine loads. The system can also be controlled by a third-party ECU with its own custom water/methanol flow map.

A “Fast Acting Valve” (FAV) controls the delivery rate based on the PWM signal from the 
HFS-3 controller. A constant line pressure (160 psi) is provided by the Aquatec pump 
working in the “by-pass” mode. A PWM valve system guarantees wide dynamic range.

List of items included in an HFS4 System.

1 pump (optional large pump available upon request).

6M of 6mm OD nylon hose.

2M of 4mm OD nylon hose.

HFS-3/HFS-4 Flow Control Module.

3x water jets (sized to customers’ requirements).

1x 4mm Tee compression fitting.

2x M8 x 1/8 NPT jet adapter with plug.

lx water tank adapter, 1/8 BSP to 6mm compression fitting and in-tank filter.

4x M5x40mm bolt, washers and fasteners for pump.

1x M6 grounding stud with washer and nuts and 6mm eyelet for pump ground.

2x 6mm to 1/8 BSP compression fitting for pump.

2x 3/8BSP-M to 1/8BSP-F reducer for pump.

1x 4mm to 1/8 BSP compression fitting for FAV.

1x 6mm to 1/8 BSP compression fitting for FAV.

Water pump harness. 6M of #12 AWG cable and 6M of multi-core cable with blue harness.

1x 1300cc Fast acting valve with red harness (1600cc FAV available upon request).

1x 1300cc flow sensor with yellow harness 1600cc flow sensor available upon request).

1x water level switch with connector.

1x DDS3v12 Gauge & 1.5M x 8-way cable.

1.5 M of multi-core with grey capped RJ48 for ECU interface, fail-safe and map switching.

Molex type 4-way power in harness.

Green harness for Direct injection engines (v3).

User manual.