Large Pump (3000cc)


Replacement water 160psi pump for the HFS2/3/4 system. (without fittings and fixing hardware).   The pump pressure can be adjusted to in excess of 280psi with a 1/16" allen key on the front of the pump (clockwise). 

There are two good reasons why one should not increase the pressure unnecessarily.  

  1. Power obeys the I/square law. If the bypass pressure is increased from 160psi to 250psi, the average current draw will increase from 7A to 11A. Power dissipation will be more than doubled.  Using the I^2 R formula, the power will effectively increase from 49W to 121W under the same load (R).  Power increase is proportional to operation temperature rise; the pump will run much hotter. Aquatec (manufacturer) advise against pressure over 180psi for long term reliability. 

The motor used is a permanent magnet type, semi-sealed without cooling channel for air. Winding is the on the rotating spindle so there is no chance of cooling by conduction. Having a large heat sink on the back of the pump will do nothing other than delay the onset of the thermal cut out.           

  1. Pre-mature mechanical wear on the diaphragm is imminent.  Resulting internal valve wear, reducing pump efficiency and bearing load.

Please contact us if you are using the pump for other application other than for the aquamist systems.