Shane’s 2JZ Lexus IS 200

Shane’s 2JZ Lexus IS 200

Over the past few months, we have had the pleasure of assisting Shane with the procurement , install, setup and tuning of an Aquamist HFS3 water injection system in his 2JZ-powered IS 200. In late 2016, Shane was looking for a cost effective way to extract some more power from the mighty 2JZ.

Major hardware upgrades options were off the table, as was the switch to E85, as it wasn’t readily available in his area. After seeing the results we obtained utilising water meth injection in the CRE 1600, Shane decided that this was the path he too would take.

After some discussion with us about the ideal set up for his application, Shane ordered the Aquamist HFS3 system. He also opted to go with direct port injection, which uses a specially designed 7 way manifold, one for each inlet runner and one for charged pipe cooling.  This ensures equal distribution amongst all cylinders and maximises the inter cylinder cooling effects of water meth injection.

Shane has his car dyno tuned last week. On the dyno, the car made 460hp running 24 psi through the GT3582r Garrett turbo, without water meth injection. With the water meth activated, power increased to 580hp @ 30psi and a little extra timing. Shane had planned to run up to above 30 psi but boost control issues on the day prevented this from happening.

We have no doubt that there is an additional 80-100hp yet to be extracted from this set up once the boost control issue is resolved and with a bit more tuning.  Never the less, Shane is very happy with the power increase so far and for an outlay of around $1500, this set up represents great value for money and highlights the potential of a quality water injection system. We look forward to seeing what the future holds.

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