500kw/672hp Aquamist water injected barra powered GU Patrol

Nissan GU Patrol with Aquamist Water Injection


Unleashing the Beast: George's Nissan GU Patrol with Aquamist Water Injection

At Cool Runnings Engineering, we're always excited to share success stories from our valued customers. Today, we'd like to introduce you to George, the proud owner of a Nissan GU Patrol that's been transformed into a true powerhouse. George's vehicle boasts a Ford Barra engine, which has been meticulously tuned and equipped with Aquamist water injection for that extra punch of power.

Meet George's Nissan GU Patrol

George's Nissan GU Patrol is not your average 4x4. Under the hood, it houses a Ford Barra engine that has received some serious upgrades. The engine has been fortified with forged pistons and connecting rods, and it's now paired with a large aftermarket turbocharger. This combination promises to deliver exceptional performance, and it does so with style.

500kw/672hp Aquamist water injected Barra powered GU Nissan Patrol on the dyno

The Power of Custom Tuning

When it comes to maximizing the potential of a high-performance engine like the Ford Barra, tuning is key. George entrusted his vehicle to Stahti and the expert team at Independent Motorsport, known for their pioneering work in seamlessly integrating Aquamist systems onto Barra engines.

The results of their efforts are nothing short of astonishing. Before the addition of the Aquamist water injection system, George's Nissan GU Patrol was pushing out an impressive 366kW (490hp) at 16psi of boost, running on pump 98 fuel. But George and the Independent Motorsport team had bigger plans.

Aquamist Water Injection: Unleashing More Power

With the Aquamist water injection system's direct port injection capability in play, George's SUV underwent a remarkable transformation. The tuned engine now produces a jaw-dropping 502kW (672hp) at 24psi of boost. The difference is undeniable, and it showcases the incredible versatility and capability of the Aquamist system.

500KW on Aquamist water injection Dyno Chart

See it in Action

If you're as excited as we are to witness the sheer power of George's Nissan GU Patrol, we invite you to check out the video in the link. It's a visual testament to the performance gains made possible by Aquamist water injection systems.

A Special Shoutout

We can't conclude this success story without extending a heartfelt thank you to George for choosing Aquamist as his go-to solution in the pursuit of additional horsepower. Your trust in us is greatly appreciated, and your vehicle's transformation is truly remarkable.

Get Your Own Aquamist System

Are you ready to unlock the hidden potential of your vehicle, just like George did? Cool Runnings Engineering is your trusted source for Aquamist water injection systems in Australia. Visit our Shopify store today and explore our range of products designed to take your car's performance to the next level.

Thank you to George and the Independent Motorsport team for demonstrating the remarkable capabilities of Aquamist water injection systems. Stay tuned for more success stories from Cool Runnings Engineering, your partner in achieving automotive excellence.

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