Editorial: Beat the heat

Editorial: Beat the heat

Ever noticed a reduction in performance from your turbocharged/supercharged engine during the warmer months? After a significant investment (time or money but most likely a combination of both) on a performance car or performance upgrades, the last thing you may have thought about is; Will the performance of my engine be achievable during all conditions?

In later model vehicles, the engine management system is programmed with multiple functions that maximise power and efficiency along with protecting the engine against catastrophic failure. During times of high ambient temperatures some of these protections leads to a reduction in power output of the engine.

Power reduction! This is absolute crazy talk as far as we are concerned at CRE! So how do we safely and effectively maximise engine performance without compromising the integrity of your engine? Utilising water injection of course!

Through use of highly atomised water, the temperature of the inlet air (during high ambient conditions or caused through compression in forced inducted engines) can be significantly reduced. The effectiveness of this cooling will not only restore engine performance, it can greatly improve it.

It is no secret that reducing air intake temperatures improves performance. Multiple methods including fitting cold air intakes, utilising intercoolers and even upgrading to higher octane, cooler burning fuels are common practice for improving performance. Although all are good methods, they can be costly, less effective and inflexible. Speaking of flexible, a WI injection system can be used in parallel or as an alternative to the above mentioned systems!

At CRE we tailor WI packages to suit each customer’s specific application. From mild to wild, we can cater to your needs. Try one of our kits today!

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