Audi’s TTRS is one of the most underrated performance cars currently on the market. Equipped with Audi’s well renowned I 2.5L turbocharged 5-cylinder engine and AWD system, the TTRS is capable of 0 to 100kp/h in 3.7 seconds translating to a mid-11 second quarter mile in standard trim.

The owner of this TTRS however had no intentions of keeping things as the factory intended. Etuners, specialist in the modification and tuning of European vehicles, were given the task of unlocking the hidden potential and transforming this TTRS from impressive to spectacular!

When modifying a car of this calibre, the Etuners team have adopted a philosophy of less is more. Hardware changes were kept to minimum. An intercooler and down pipe upgrade were the only amendments. As with many Volkswagen Auto Group (VAG) and Euro vehicles, the TTRS  retards ignition timing as the ECU aims to protect the engine during times of excessive intake air temps. Consequently, engine power output is greatly reduced. With this in mind, the decision was made to fit a water meth injection system to keep intake air temps under control whilst providing in cylinder knock protection. Having experienced the performance and quality of Aquamist water injection systems, Etuners engaged Cool Runnings Engineering (CRE) to supply and fit an Aquamist HFS4 water meth injection system.

The system we chose for this application consisted of 2 post intercooler jets which will be able to deliver flows of up to 800cc. As a result of VAG vehicle development, the 2.5 litre engine found in the TTRS now employs both port and direct injection. Aquamist is proudly able to demonstrate their rate of development is also unparalleled with the HFS4 system’s control module having the capability  to read the signal from both sets of injectors along with the TTRS’s fuel pump pressure, to calculate the rate of water meth injection.

With system installation complete, it was time to hit the dyno for a custom tune. Under the precision guidance from the team at Etuners, the TTRS was able to make 323kW up from the factory 236kW. Needless to say, the owner is extremely pleased with this new level of performance.

Having achieved an 11.6 second quarter mile time prior to being modified, we look forward to seeing what can be achieved with the current setup. We will post an update once the numbers are in.

Big thanks to the guys from Etuners for accommodating us during the project. We look forward to more collaboration in the near future.

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