9 SEC VW MK7 Golf R on Pump 98 and Aquamist Meth Injection

9 SEC VW MK7 Golf R on Pump 98 and Aquamist Meth Injection

9 SEC VW MK7 Golf R 


This VW Golf R, wearing the plates “StockR”, is anything but. L the hood in a built EA888 with plenty of go-fast hardware attached, including one of our customised Aquamist HFS4 Water Injection System.  We were contacted by the owner to supply some additional parts required for the installation of system. As it turned out, the single post intercooler jet setup, initially installed, was nowhere near capable to keep up with demands to support the new IMS720 turbocharging systems and associated mods. With 600+hp the target, on pump 98 fuel, the base Aquamist System would require a larger pump, 1600cc Fast Acting Valve (FAV) and an Aquamist 4-cylinder direct port bundle. We supplied all these additional parts including setup, testing and calibration of the system prior to shipping.  

With the new part in place, the water injection system was now capable of supplying over 1600cc @ 220psi. 

After a few weeks of dialling in the tune and logging the car on the road, it was time to head to the track and see what numbers it would put down. The result was a 9.9 sec pass at 141mph. On the dyno, the car made 454kw, 608hp on just over 2 bar of boost.  

If you would like to know more about the Aquamist Water System used in this car, or what setup would be required to suit your specific application, please feel free to contact us.  

On a final note, we would like to give a shout out to the SSCC Automotive for the great build, Hurricane Motorsport for there work with tuning this beast and Iroz Motorsport for supplying such a badass turbo charging system.